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Advanced Trees up to 5 metres

Advanced Trees more than any other plants give a sense of permanence and maturity to a garden and link it with the broader and external landscape. They add height, structure and sculptural focal points to a design while their distinctive silhouettes form an attractive contrast with the softer lines of other planting.

Trees help to form a gardens permanent framework around which the more temporary elements come and go.

Cleveland Nursery are able to supply that specific advanced plant to complement your garden. Deciduous and some evergreen available. Instant shade trees and large screening shrubs.

When you contact us at Cleveland Nursery the following information will help us to assess the type of plants or trees you are seeking to purchase:

  1. Do you want an evergreen or deciduous variety?
  2. Which geographic area do you reside in?
  3. Is your tree going to be planted in a sunny or shady position?
  4. What height would you like your plant or tree to grow?
  5. How close will your plant or tree be to anything structural e.g. house

With this information we will beable to advise and recommend a suitable range of trees and plants that should be suitable for your needs. You can email us with this information to by clicking this link

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